WWII Memorial Trip

That was great, Rocky. You were lookin' good.



My participation with Honor Flight. What an "honor"!


Here is my correspondence with Fred and Pat Lue. Here we go:





I just want you to know I am a War Baby. My birthday is Nov 20, 1943. My name is Fred Lue and Wife's name is Pat. I was looking for WWII music and your site is the best. We are involved with the Honor Flight of the Quad Cities. If you are not familiar with this. The first flight is leaving the Quad Cities 1 Nov 08. We are flying WWII Veterans to Washington DC to see their Memorial before they pass. I thought it might be a good idea to do a CD with World War II tunes playing in the airport as they leave and come home. My wife's uncle will be on the first plane. I have a story to tell you.


We have a young son in the Marines. To get through his deployment, we started doing welcome homes at the airport with the Patriot Guard Riders. We wear Vest with our units that we serve with. We lost a flag on our van and when to a local flag store. We ran into a elder gentlemen looking for directions. He looked at my vest and said "I serve in the 7th Army and my name is Lou." I ask him what he did in WWII and he told be he drive supplies from the beach to the front lines. The German were shooting at me, but I didn't think that was combat! I said "Lou, that is combat!" I told him that there is an organization will to fly you to DC to see your Monument. He was surprise that someone is willing to sent him to DC to see this before he dies. My wife and I lost it. Tears Flowed. I gave him our telephone number and said call me.


Two months went by no call. When we found out her Uncle was on the list to go this November, I wondered if we could find Lou. My wife's Aunt said yes, I know the family. So off we went and we found him. I gave him an application and he is on this first flight!


Thank you for what this site means.


Pat and Fred Lue




Dear Fred and Pat:


You sure made my day this morning. Yesterday was feeling pretty frustrated, due to the fact my WWII forum is down because of technical difficulties, and won't be back up and running for several more days. Then I get your email today, and viola, it sure made me feel back on top of the world.


Oh, yes, I am very familiar with the organization, and have information on my site about it. One of my dear vet friends, Rocky Riojas, used it recently! BRAVO!


I would be honored to send you a complete set of the music, so please send me your mailing information. Are MP3's fine? If so, they would fit on one disk (over 260 tunes!), and I could send them to you within the next couple of days. How's that for service?


Your letter was very uplifting, and yes, I got a tear in my eye too. I think it is serendipity (I also call it divine intervention), when an event occurs such as the one you described (running into that WWII vet on the street). This happens to me frequently, and I no longer think it is coincidence, but something of a higher level!


Well I need to run, lunch is calling. I look forward hearing back from you. Hey, when my forum is up and running again, may I use your letter?







In the interim we sent various emails back and forth, here's more:





So glad we could uplift your spirits a bit. MP3 format would be fine. Would it be possible to have two disks? What we want to do is play one at the Airport when they leave and when they come home. I am also going to see if I can get the flight crew of the plane to play it while they are flying to and from DC. I am send you some pictures of the Lue family, we have three boys, Jeremy, Ken, and our Marine. There are times when Mom and Dad go to functions that allow us to dress crazy. Here is our address:




The head of the Marine Moms was out by you last week. She has a daughter going to college out there.


Here is our schedule for the flight.

There is a meeting on October 23, 2008 starting at 5:00 PM for the vets to meet there guardians. We are going to have a fire Truck with a huge American Flag on it.

One of the local guard units is going to try and bring a 105 Howitzer there.

The Building will be surrounded by American Flags!

I'll try and send pictures.

The actual flight is on Nov 1, 2008.

Up your chin up and things always work out.


I also sent you a picture of a unit from the mid-west that the PGR sent off. This unit is on their third deployment. One of the guys is on his fourth one.


Take care


Pat and Fred Lue




Other correspondence was exchanged during this period, and the music arrived on time for the Thursday pre-event. Hope all goes well for the flight. Here's to a great bunch of folks. I am proud to be part of this and happy I could contribute to the project!





Thank you. It is getting closer to Nov 1st. Everyone here is getting really excited! Thursday of this week the vet and guardian will be getting together to meet. I hope the music arrives and I will play it at the place where the meeting is. The Fire Department is letting us use a truck with a HUGH American Flag. The local National Guard unit hopefully provide military equipment for them to pass by. If I told you about this before, I am just so excited about this, I am having a senior moment or I am so happy for these guys.


Thank you again.


Pat and Fred Lue





We did play your music at the sendoff and the Home Coming. I did pass cards out. I want you to know that one of the stations did a three night story about Pat's uncle. This has been an exciting year for the Lue family. Our sson will be coming home in December before his deployment.

I want to thank you again and I wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.


Pat and Fred Lue


Marion J Chard
Proud Daughter of Walter (Monday) Poniedzialek
540th Engineer Combat Regiment, 2833rd Bn, H&S Co, 4th Platoon
There's "No Bridge Too Far"

That was great, Rocky. :armata_PDT_37:

I would have liked to be there with you.

To do many photos and a big kiss on your cheek ! :wub:


Vee ;)


That was great, Rocky. :armata_PDT_37:

I would have liked to be there with you.

To do many photos and a big kiss on your cheek ! :wub:





Thank you Vee, It does make me feel nice to to be thought

of this way. I can almost feel your HOT breath on my cheek.


YOU "GET" MY AGE !!!!! YEAH Rocky--- :bluejumper:


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