My Dad's "Homefront"

Here are some photos of the my Dad's "homefront". These are the faces he was surely longing to see. Like all the other families, Dad's parents & sister kept him going with cards :envelope: , letters, food, care packages - and most of all LOVE :heartpump::love7: .


These pictures were taken in Feb 1944 and sent to him at Anzio (I can only imagine how he

must've felt when he opened his mail & saw his dear home & family).


Here's his home at 21 Fairbanks Ave Wellesley MA, his parents, his sister Mary (taken in front of St John's Church where they were baptised & me too! and where Dad served at Mass as an altar boy). Last, but not least, is Dad's dog Jeff sunning himself in a pile of leaves fall 1943.


Who were YOUR loved :love7: ones on the homefront?


mary ann

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I just love that big old house.


Oh Brooke - me too! Can you believe that my grandfather helped to build it along with a fellow Irish immigrant from the neighborhood. I remember every inch of that house, but the people who have it now have ruined it. They "modernized" it and put on an addition. The second story porch is gone ( I just loved that porch!) and my granpa's beloved fruit trees and

dogwood trees were taken down. Those fabulous old houses were built to sit like a jewel in

a setting - with the lawn & gardens around, but no one cares much for that anymore - they'd

rather sprout some cancerous looking "addition" that insults the original architecture.


That house is also a testament to the American Dream. My grandfather came to the US in 1893 with $10 and worked for Carnegie Steel. He'd grown up in a small cottage in Ireland with 9 brothers & sisters and was able to build this house in 1911. God bless America!


mary ann


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