Locations Of Army Units on December 7 1941

I found these links just surfin around on a navy site: NavSource Main Page

Should be useful reference material. There is also alot of info on Pearl harbor on the main index page.


Locations Of Army Units December 7 1941



Locations Of The United States Army Air Force December 7 1941



Locations Of Warships Of The United States Navy December 7 1941



United States Asiatic Fleet Locations December 7 1941*



American Ships In Pearl Harbor, December 7 1941





VERY cool B) Larry!! I was looking for something exactly like

this, but couldn't find anything.




so interesting. When you think about it, what a daunting task it

must've been to figure out how to organize, outfit, train, and

move all the men on all those bases & ships - and so many more men

that would enlist or be drafted. Just thinking about the equipment

alone is unbelievable. Guns, ammo, helmets, tanks, jeeps, etc etc.


My dad's pictures from Nov 41 show the Cavalry was still

actually riding horses! After Pearl Harbor, things changed fast &

it's actually pretty miraculous HOW fast when you consider all

that needed to be done.


mary ann

Amen and one word -LOGISTICS! Yes, astounding in every sense of the word. The how and why are always fascinating. Me, I always love the behind-da-scenes stuff. You know, how's-it-done-baby! Very cool. :armata_PDT_37:
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