Post VE Day letter from MP buddy in Austria




Don Langer passed away on November 4, 2004 USMC

discharge. Points: 1 point for each month in service, 2 points for each months overseas, 5 points for every ribbon, and 5 points for each additional star. 85 Points were needed for discharge; I had about 125 and received my discharge out of Bainbridge, MD


The ASR or Advanced Service Rating Points System found on the Enlisted Record and Report of Separation was used to determine a soldier's eligibility for discharge. The higher the score, the closer one was to going home. At the end of the war in Europe, 85 points were required for discharge. This was later lowered to 75 as demobilization continued and finally reached 60 in November 1945. Many found the system confusing and it did not apply to all servicemen. For example, pilots went home after 25 combat missions regardless of points accumulated, although they still remained in the service.


The points were awarded as follows: 1 point for each month served in the Army, 1 point for each month served overseas, 5 points for each campaign star worn on theater ribbons, 5 points for the first and each award received such as Distinquished Service Cross, etc., and 12 points for each child at home under 18 years of age (up to 3 children). Points were awarded for months served between 16 September 1940 and 12 May 1945.


amazing, isn't it? When I was researching my Howard family history,

I found out all kinds of stuff even though my grandfather died 6 months

before I was born. Over 50 yrs after his death, and with my Dad, Aunt, and

Uncle now gone - who could imagine that I'd discover so much?


Right after my Aunt died, I got an avalanche of "Howard info" (I swear

they're "busy" up there!). I found out that my great great grandfather

was Denis Howard b1799 in Co Clare and my great grandparents

were Patrick Howard & Catherine McCaull.


Surfing around on the web, I found a site that had alot of info about

the village of Tubber (where my Grandfather was born). I sent an email

to the site's creator Dr Casey in Switzerland. I guess he almost fell off

his chair when he got it, because he'd been looking for my grandfather

and his descendents for some time. He emailed me back & said: "Mary Ann,

you are my cousin! Your great grandfather Patrick and my great grandmother

Honor were brother & sister!".


We were off to the races after that & began addressing each other as "Holmes"

and "Watson". He was also looking for his great Uncle Willliam and knew only

that he'd come to the states. I happened to mention this to my Dad's

first cousin, who said: "Your grandfather & my father used to take us to

visit a Mr Casey in Watertown". I figured this was a long shot because there

had to be a million Caseys, but then I thought: "My grandfather had NO time

for socializing, so if he was visiting someone, they HAD to be a relation." BINGO!

It was THE Mr. Casey, my grandpa's 1st cousin. I managed to track down his

descendents & take all the first cousins out to lunch (they hadn't seen each other since

the 1930s).



So it just shows you what can come from even tiny threads of info and looking at things from

different angles.


yeah Marion, I'd be interested in getting some photos touched up. You probably

have MORE than enough stuff to do without tinkering around with my

photos though!




Hey M2


Here's a quick example of what can be done. Here's the photo of war buddies. :drinkin:


I sharpen the pixels and slightly changed the brightness and contrast.



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Marion J Chard
Proud Daughter of Walter (Monday) Poniedzialek
540th Engineer Combat Regiment, 2833rd Bn, H&S Co, 4th Platoon
There's "No Bridge Too Far"



Quote: "My father had enough points to go home finally in mid March 1945".


I find this quite unusual as I believed the ASR score for discharge (points ) did not effect til May '45. I dont recall hearing of any of our guys

in our Infantry Division going home on points till after wars end in ETO at least reguardless of points. And a few

were still left from the 1942 landing in Africa and had over 85 points by far. Whats your take Roque and Sgt ?


Joe I had 91 points in Sept. '45. and the Divn. came home in Nov. If I had known I

would have stayed and came with them. Saw your picture, NICE. Roque


Joe I had 91 points in Sept. '45. and the Divn. came home in Nov. If I had known I

would have stayed and came with them. Saw your picture, NICE. Roque




Always one up on me you,you-------------I had 90 in Sept but didn't get home until '46!!


What might have happened to 206thMPCo's Dad was that he was put in what was

then called an MPEGCo.(Military Police Escort Guard Co.). The Army was still sending

POWs Stateside and this allowed them to get some men home earlier but also these

men were better trained than some of the MPs that were then coming over -dual purpose

result for the Army.


Joe - when I see your billet vs mine I get very jealous as we had the same type quarters

as the nearby POWs. Several times before he got real PO'd we asked the Bn Co. if we

were really on the winning side(LOL)!!!!


Sgtleo :banghead::banghead:


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