Training and other archived films from WWII

Here are some great archived training films featuring Private Snafu. God aren't these classics? :pdt34:




Booby Traps


Private Snafu mocks his peers who study, saying that he would rather fight. His guardian angel (1st clas with a cigar) grants him the powers and a comical version of a Superman suit, which he promptly uses to create more problems than when he didn't have any powers! This is one of 26 Private SNAFU ('Situation Normal, All Fouled Up) cartoons made by the US Army Signal Corps to educate and boost the morale the troops. Originally created by Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss) and Phil Eastman, most of the cartoons were produced by Warner Brothers Animation Studios - employing their animators, voice actors (primarily Mel Blanc) and Carl Stalling's music...




The Negro Soldier - Frank Capra


WWII recruitment film aimed at African Americans. The film opens with an African American minister in church telling his flock why they should join the armed forces to fight the Nazis. We see historical re-enactments of African Americans as valued participants in US armed conflicts dating from the American Revolution.




Produced by the U.S. Army Special Service Division, and directed by Frank Capra "Why We Fight" is a seven part propaganda/documentary series that traces the earliest beginnings of the second world war starting with Japan's invasion of China in 1931, to the Nazi's march across europe.




Nazi Concentration Camps (1945)


**This film contains extremely graphic scenes of human suffering, please exercise caution when viewing.**


Compilation footage of Nazi concentration camps in the immediate aftermath of World War II. The footage was gathered by the US Department of Defense as part of the effort to conduct war crimes trials.


This copy was dubbed from a video copy at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland.

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