Battle for Sicily

If any of you has access to the MILITARY CHANNEL, I (we) have a special request to ask.


My dear friend, Colonel Stanley Dziuban, of the 39th Combat Engineers, did some narration for a show called Battle of Sicily. Here are excerpts from the two letters he wrote to me this week.


"... Then when I got home a neighbor said he had a week earlier seen a tv documentary which I narrated in part: The Battle for Sicily. It had been produced a while back but I had never seen it aired, and still haven't although I have a copy of the tape. This and a mountain of WW II and other material is out there for sale but specific items can be very hard to locate. Best regards. Now to get ready for Christmas. Stan Dziuban"


"I entered "Battle for Sicily" and got info it would show on Military Channel 21st Dec 4:30. Don't know whether that's Pacific time or other. I don't have Military Channel on my cable service and am wonderng whether it will be on one of the several affiliated channels like History or Discovery or A&E or whether I need to find someone wih satellite service including Military. Maybe you can catch it. I will be trying also. Regards. Stan"


So if any of you has access to this channel, I would be grateful if you can make a copy and send it my way. DVD if you can, but VHS is alright too. This would be great resource material for my book! :pdt34:


Stanley has written several articles and you can find his page here:

Marion J Chard
Proud Daughter of Walter (Monday) Poniedzialek
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