Japanese medals

I was surfing around on ebay tonight and found a lot of Japanese medals. Does anyone know anything about them, or what they were for? Those last two were apparently something special...


For example:


WWII Imperial Japanese Army's 8th Rising Sun medal



WWII Imperial Japanese Army's 7th Rising Sun medal



Japanese WWII Golden Kite Medal Cased NICE http://cgi.ebay.com/Japanese-WWII-Golden-K...1QQcmdZViewItem


WWII Imperial Japanese Army's 5th class Sacred Treasure





I'm no expert. But this year at one of our Military Collector's meetings, a guy gave a presentation on these Japanese medals. He had examples of the Golden Kite and the Rising Sun.

As you can see, they were issued in Orders or levels. Some of the higher orders, such as 3rd Order is rarely seen outside of Japan. He had picked up one while in the military on a trip to Japan. I guess the others are quite common, relatively speaking. I forgot all that I learned about these medals.

I might be able to get more info for you but it has been a long time since I've seen this member as he does not make all the meetings.


6th Order of Rising Sun



A grouping of medals



Another Grouping of a KIA - with an explanation of medals-






Thanks, Steve. The Japanese medals are so very different and interesting to look at.




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