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Do you remember what j3rd said was the other name I posted by.

over on the other forum?


Had a Second John transferred in from ASTP and he told the BN Co. I was not 1st Sgt. material because I messed around too much.


The BN Co. was a Capt. when I went in so he told the Lt. "I know it but he's always been like that however check out how his company checks out with the rest of the BN. So I guess you'll have problems dealing with him or learn to get over it.


When he soldiers he soldiers but when he acts up ???????? Dismissed Lt".


Wir sind freund bereits - nicht var!!


Uberfeldwebel leo


Hmm, the only other name I saw was Sgt Leo. I may be mistaken regarding the other forum , but that was just the one on


Fraulein -o-

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