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I know everyone has seen the ads for these clubs, but has anyone ever joined? I know that when you first sign up you can get 5 books for .50 each. But you have to commit to buy 2 books at regular price within so much time, what are their regular prices??






Actually it's a good deal as long as you are an avid reader, which YOU are! :pdt34:


We have belonged in the past/present to the following book clubs:






The only real concern is to make sure you send in the Selections Card that they mail you once a month or so. As long as you keep up, there's no problem.


I handle my selection choices right on the internet. This way I don't forget.


We've gotten a lot of good books this way. I say, give it a try. :pdt34::pdt34:

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I think I tried this a long time ago with the Time-Life books on the Civil War. I quite after a few books. They say that if you don't want the book, then just send it back---which costs $5.

My daughter signed up for something like this with music videos. Same thing. You receive it and forget to mail it back and you end up with a charge on your VISA.

As for my T-L Civil War books, I just waited about 20 years and began finding them for $5. Actually, I just bought the ones that I wanted to have on my shelf and checked out the others at the library.



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