No need to apologize for the size of the photo. It's not like it's 2000 X 2000! :lol:


When you place photos like that on the forum, you WANT to see the detail. Heck if you can't, then why have it there at all. No, it's just fine and dandy.


Keep up the great work. Your contributions are really worthwhile. :pdt34:

Marion J Chard
Proud Daughter of Walter (Monday) Poniedzialek
540th Engineer Combat Regiment, 2833rd Bn, H&S Co, 4th Platoon
There's "No Bridge Too Far"

This is the uniform of Mitchell Antolich, my wife Karen's fatherIt has been min a cedar chest for 60 years and is in perfect condition except a few wrinkles."Mike" was the other engineer in the faqmily and searvedvin the Pacific.We're not sure how he ended up in the 27th Inf, had a air corp patchand an engineer badge.


This uniform also has the cross stiching on the patches


Also...Can anyone identify the DI on the cap?



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Cedar chests are the best for preservation. :pdt34:A freind of mine has some beautiful Victorian pieces preserved in a cedar chest.




Can anyone identify the DI on the cap?

Chris, Can you get a close-up photo? If you have a scanner, you can try scanning it.

You mentioned the 27th Infantry. That regiment was part of the 25th "Lightning" Infantry Division. The patch on the jacket is the 8th Army---I'm not sure where they served at the moment.

The DI for the 27 Infantry Regiment was a black sqaure with a head of a Wolf in the center and inscribed "NEC ASPERA TERRENT". Their DI was unique in that the LH and RH were mirror images---i.e., the wolves faced toward the center of the jacket.

Hope that helped.





Here is the Di. Those were some pretty bad pictures on that post

I'll post the patches next.



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.jpg   cap.jpg (Size: 9.4 KB / Downloads: 0)

Ok.... now here is the patches, the collar also has an engineer button.


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.jpg   patches.jpg (Size: 10.9 KB / Downloads: 0)

That DI looks nice but I'm stumped. It must be an Engineer unit by the looks of it.


The Red&White patch is the 8th Army.


The Blue patch with Wings is the Far East Air Forces, which was in command of the 5th and 13th Air Forces in the Pacific Theater.


The round one is the 27th "New York" Infantry Division. Previously, I was referring to the 27th Infantry Regiment.




I received this cap from an old friend who belonged to this unit. I know it's not from WW II, but you don't see this patch around any more. I believe they were disbanded, or it was incorperated else where.


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This Tank Destroyer badge has always been a favorite of mine....


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If anyone has any requests on certain collectables. I got to several military flea markets in Belgium every year.


You wouldnt believe the amount of stuff that we left behind after WWII. Its all for sale at these markets.


I have bought many items for me re-enactment gear. You could almost rebuild an entire jeep with all the parts left over here. Also the US sold most of their war vehicles to the Belgian goverment after the war and they used most of them into the 1980s.


I for one will probably buy a Jeep before I leave Germany!!!!! My mouth waters every time I go to a show or re-enactment and I see a beautifully restored Jeep..


I am going to a market this Sunday.




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