Been out

Hey all,

I haven't been around much because I've been out most of October. The first week, I was in Hawaii doing a logistics conference for the main exercise I am planning for. It was there a got my second chance to hit some of the WWII spots around Pearl Harbor.


Here are the photos:


Some nice ones came out of that. I was back home for about 5 days and then I was off to Thailand (in Bangkok, around the Chonthaburi province, Pattaya, and some other places) for a site survey and planning conference. No pictures there - perhaps I've been there too much. Here are some pictures that I took in August when I was there for the initial site survey and planning conference:


I don't think I will be gone again until January when I will be gone for about a month and a half. I thought getting off the MEU would have me home more often!


Yes, yes, I hear you! "That Bas---- went to Hawaii and Thailand and is griping about it??!!" I know. Not griping, but it would be nice to spend some time with the family. October had a bunch of great things happening in Okinawa that I missed with the family. Guess there's my priority now a days.


Anyway, in other news, I am on the promotion selection board this year. The board convened in August and let out about a week after, but the results aren't released until December (has to go through Congressional approval). Waiting on pins and needles until then!


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