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Hey all,

I haven't been around much because I've been out most of October. The first week, I was in Hawaii doing a logistics conference for the main exercise I am planning for. It was there a got my second chance to hit some of the WWII spots around Pearl Harbor.


Here are the photos:


Some nice ones came out of that. I was back home for about 5 days and then I was off to Thailand (in Bangkok, around the Chonthaburi province, Pattaya, and some other places) for a site survey and planning conference. No pictures there - perhaps I've been there too much. Here are some pictures that I took in August when I was there for the initial site survey and planning conference:


I don't think I will be gone again until January when I will be gone for about a month and a half. I thought getting off the MEU would have me home more often!


Yes, yes, I hear you! "That Bas---- went to Hawaii and Thailand and is griping about it??!!" I know. Not griping, but it would be nice to spend some time with the family. October had a bunch of great things happening in Okinawa that I missed with the family. Guess there's my priority now a days.


Anyway, in other news, I am on the promotion selection board this year. The board convened in August and let out about a week after, but the results aren't released until December (has to go through Congressional approval). Waiting on pins and needles until then!

Great hearing from you as always. How exciting regarding the promotion selection board. All the best. Here's hoping we have some additional "toasting" in December! YEAH!


So remind me, when is the end of this tour of duty? It should be getting close, n'est pas?


Glad to hear you are well, and yes, I know you'd love to spend more time with your family. Please send them my love.




I should be moving next summer after the end of 4 years on Okinawa. Not sure where I will be going after that. The people at HQMC that places people in their next position are called monitors. I won't even know what monitor to deal with until the board results are released. I did look at the LtCol billet availability list and there were many slots in Germany. Problem is that everyone wants those! I'm still hoping!!

Thank you for all of the wonderful pictures!


And Thank You for your services!


We will all be thinking of you on Veteran's Day!