82nd airborne memorial walk

On Saturday February 20, 2010 westepped into a car and drove towards La Gleize with 5 persons. We would like to participate in the walking tour to remember the veterans of the 82nd airborne division. The tour started in La Gleize. I will share this picture report with you.


Part 1.


82nd airborne veteran.



La Gleize.



Walking next to the railroad bridge.



Lake near the village of Coo.






Snow in the Ardennes. There was a lot of mud too.



30th infantry division, 119th regiment.



Another 82nd airborne veteran.



Part 2.


Motorcycle. Different vehicles were driving around. Dodges, Willy's jeeps, motorcycles, etc.





MG nest next to a roadblock.



Monument in Cheneux.



Belgium bunker in Cheneux.



At the end of the tour we were entering La Gleize again.



King Tiger tank in La Gleize. One of the tanks which was used by Joachim Peiper. They had left the tank in La Gleize because the ran out of fuel. It was dameged too.





Monument next to the tank.



That's my report. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the tour.


Best wishes,




2 of us still suffered pain in the legs. one was able to walk through but the other one didn't turn up for our shooting evening yesterday. It will be a lot of fun when we will see him next time. More than 65 years ago people were more determined to achieve something and bla bla bla. We will make some fun about him, depend on it :D


But we were still talking about the fact, how beautiful the Ardennes are now. Djee ... such a large battlefield in WW2.


I certainly enjoyed your photos. The countryside is just gorgeous. Hard to believe so much suffering and destruction occurred there just a few decades ago.


Thank you for the photo tour. Next best thing to being there...

Marion J Chard
Proud Daughter of Walter (Monday) Poniedzialek
540th Engineer Combat Regiment, 2833rd Bn, H&S Co, 4th Platoon
There's "No Bridge Too Far"

The veteran in the jeep is Ray Fary, 80th AABN, 82nd Airborne Division.


I forgot to add the picture with the certificate which we received at the end of the hike.



Ah, that is nice too. A forever keepsake. It will always bring back fond memories of your walk.
Marion J Chard
Proud Daughter of Walter (Monday) Poniedzialek
540th Engineer Combat Regiment, 2833rd Bn, H&S Co, 4th Platoon
There's "No Bridge Too Far"

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