WW2 Europen aircraft

WW2 over European Sky’S.

Which airplane was definitive

in winning WW2 ocer Europe ?


P-47 Thunderbolt 15 %

P-51 Mustang 43 %

Spitfire 21 %

Hurricane 12 %

Typhoon/Tempest 02 %

Mosquito 02 %

P-40 Warhawk 00 %

P-38 Lightning o2 %


Just a small Pole. From another forum

What do you think ?


Can't disagree with the stats. As far as many of the planes of WWII; many played their part and were great, but the MUSTANG with it's range and fire power.... Well it saved the day. Nothing could compare with it till it's day. It became the sweetheart for the bomber crews. The Mustang was integral in saving many bomber missions and their crews. Unmistakable!

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