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I've noticed that my local library has started a Reading Group and I was really interested in joining until I looked at the reading list. :rolleyes:


I am wondering if anyone here would be interested in starting a reading group? The list would depend on what everyone has easy access to from their local libraries or their own collections.


How 'bout it?




:pdt34: I'm game, what books do you have in mind.



I don't really have any in mind at the moment. :unsure:


Wait! I've been intending to read "The Forgotten Soldier" by Guy Sajer for a while. It's supposed to be written by a German veteran. Guess we could try and start with that one, if you're interested. My library has to order it from another county and that's why I've been putting it off, I could check on it again.


Edit: What about "Forgotten War / Forgiven Guilt" by David A. Witts. WWII in Pacific. 13th Airforce.


If you think of anything else, post it, and I'll check the library for it.






Man, I'd join, but I tend to be reading several things at a time depending on what I'm researching. I'm sorting through over 1500 NARA docs right now while writing my book so...


I am actually tyring to read a book right now though, An Army at Dawn by Rick Atkinson.


I guess you'll have to count me out because I have too much on my plate, especially this year with all my research, the site revamping and all the remodeling we are doing inside and outside the house. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY HOURS THEY CAN LEND ME? :lol::wacko::lol:

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There's "No Bridge Too Far"

I have read all three of these books and highly reccomend them.


I'll go ahead and order "Forgotten Soldier", if you can think of anything else please let me know.


I don't want to keep on with books you've already read, :pdt: .




And please post a book review with pro's & con's.




Edit: PS. If anyone would like to write a raving or scaving book review of any book for my website, let me know. I started doing that but only have 4 or 5 reivews. Otherwise, my on-line Library lists a short 25-word description of each book.

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What a reference library... woah!


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