SS Sacajawea

Sent to me by Papa Art:


I was checking letters on SS Sacajawea. There was four of us on this ship June 1, 1945.




H.A. Henslee Replacements for 40th Div. 185th Inf.


Richard Kiene Officer of the ship, left in Pearl Harbor


John Sellers on front of ship


Art Morneweck on rear of the ship




San Francisco to Philippine Island 1945


June 1,1945 left Camp Stoneman, at Pittsburg, California went to San Francisco docks and boarded S.S. Sacajawea. Left at 17oo (5PM) and passed under San Francisco Bridge. The ship had about 900 G.I.s sleeping 4 high in canvas bed’s. We received 2 ½ meals a day and ship was so hot that we all ate on deck.


June 9 we arrived at Pearl Harbor at 10:00 and sat there for convoy to arrive.. .


June 15, left Pearl Harbor at 1500


June 22, at 0300 crossed International date line advancing 1 day on calender


June 26, arrived at Marshal Islands


June 27, left Marshal Island at 1600 the front of ship had 3 company’s of new rookies and they got all the K.P. work. We in rear of the ship were all at least one year service men ,Most were pissed off air corp. men who were put in the Infantry. . Japanese sub was trying to sink us but the Navy kept them away from us.. The food was terrible and they were throwing fruit out that was rorren.. We werer getting one candy bar every two days and now they stopped giving us any.


July 4, passed Carolina Island


July 8 Sundasy arrived at Leyte Island .


July 9 got off ship on to Leyte Island


July 23 left Leyte on L.C.I. boat and hit some bad weather


July 25 arrived at Panay Island, We were put in 40th division, 185th Infantry Company E


Sept. 6,1945 left Panay Island in Bandery ADA-131 for Taegu, Korea

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