So--- I enlisted

No" smilies" on this one. Why did I enlist. Honestly, I don't realy know. I could lie and say that I wanted to defend my country. That is what I told the psychyitrist at Shepard Field Texas, where I witnessed basic training. To this day I don't know how he kept a straight face. And to the question " Do you like girls", I don't know how I kept a straight face. I attended Many training schools in radio, electronis,and radar, and ended up on ships, operating radar on ships bringing back men , who had been through hell, to be released back into sosirty. to this day, I wonder If i would have measured up to them.




I understand why you say no Smilies, but you obvously played a part in WW2 so I feel you have a right to add humour. I agree that I like you wonder how I would have performed in WW2 at the sharp end.


I served with the Royal Air Force for 25 years and was "under fire" during the Oman Campaign in 1970/71, but in no way can I compare that to, say, the Italian Campaign etc.


Suffice to say we both "did our bit".






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