Videos for fun

Some funny videos for the days you dont have anything to do besides look at stuff all day on the computer...hahahaha Have a nice day Hugs at ya Cindy




Angel Decoys Watch a great video clip of an Air Force C-130 deploying "angel decoys" to defend against heat-seeking missiles. Not a tribute but the end of this one is very different


Provided by, here's an impressive collection of videos from the exploits of the 101st Airborne. Great footage. Thunderstruck Bounce Marshalling at its finest. Watch the new way to send a jet out ... in style.


Oh Mama! Funny video of what REALLY goes on in Iraq. Courtesy of the Mullet Mafia.




From our submitter: "Very nicely edited video of the Royal Navy singing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Love the head banging by chopper pilots." So do we!


Subtitles Here's a spoof of a news report from Iraq. Hilarious stuff.


Good Old Days Here's footage of a very low flyby apparently from 1992.


Watch the Royal Army perform a music video spoof of "(Is This the Way to) Amarillo". Funny stuff!


FUBAR Always remember the seven P's: Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance.

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