WW2 Medical Dis-charge

WW2 Medical Dis-charge

One week in the Army Air Corp 1943 Camp Miami Beach. The Air Corp. took over 300 Hotels. You go on sick call for head cold. Doctor Lieut. Says “you have a pimple on the butt, we can take it off here†BUT Dr. Captain says “That’s a Hemorrhoid, send it to the hospitalâ€. One-week latter, operation done, you’re sitting in mess hall (lobby of a hotel) and behind you are a couple of nurses. One nurse says, “that kid is getting a medical discharge, BUT he does not know it. Well I said to my-self I am a kid and did not leave my room all week waiting for my ticket home.You guessed it ,the Army screwed it up.again. They dis-charged a kid who had a real operation.. I just sat for a week with out even going to the bathroom and got constipated.. Did you ever take one of those Army blue pills., looked like a sub-marine and was on a torpedo run.They have to strap you to toilet seat, because when that little gem works everything is going to move. I spent the next three years wondering “What if,,What ifâ€.




Does that mean that you and/or the army was full of????


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The Army was, it was their bath-room

I still get a sinking felling when I think about it. BUT what a releif.

Funny I never had any pain , Doc said they must have cut a nerve from my raer (butt sounds so gross) to my brain. That sounds like he meant OPH that is as far as I go on that one


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