Missing 5 weeks in 1945

I remember April 18, 1945 we left Camp Howze after 8 weeks of training

I remember May 28, 1945 Arrived at Camp Stoneman,California on troop train

I remember June 1, 1945 we left Camp Stoneman on a ship for Philippine Island..

That is my missing 5 weeks. I could say nothing important happen but I have telegrams that show I was to meet Micky, but I do not remember. In those 5 weeks I remember being in upper eastern states, training about gas, , about tear gas thrown at us. One day I came out of our tent. To the right at eand of our tents was German P.O.W. camp. The German officer would snap their orders and soldiers followed these orders.

Took a troop train from eastern states to California. During train ride, we did K.P. with car side door wide open on box car. Seen beautiful country side. One night went through small town ,only one light on over “Black Cat Barâ€. One day going though a small town, girls running along side arms in the air, a G.I. grabbed a girl arm and lifted her up off the ground, then he put her back on the ground and was her face red… So the start and finish of my 5 lost weeks. Done training and leaving Camp Howze April 18,1945 –Wednesday ( 4 telegrams)

1 1 Wednesday. April 18,1945 from Gainsville camp Howze ,Texas to my wife in Detroit. Will arrive 7 PM Thursday

2 2 Thursday April 19,1945 from Maddison,Wisconsin to my wife delayed by flood will arrive Chicago 8 PM Thursday

3 3 Friday May 4,1945 to me “Wife leaving tonight at 11:55 arrive Harrisburg at 1:42 meet at USO

4 4 Saturday May 5,1945 from Detroit to USO Harrisburg “Art delayed arriving 8 PM


I don’t remember going to USO, Harrisburg ,,Telegram shows I could have been there

The telegranm sent to me was addressed

CO C 31ST BN 8th RECT AGF REPL DEP 1 FM, so this would be my address until Philippines.

Arive in Philippines and put in 40th Div. 185th Inf. E Comp 1st Platoon 1st Squad


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