RAF Pilot

Here is humorous story about some American pilots and an encounter with an RAF pilot. The writer of the letter, a pilot with the 79th Troop Carrier Squadron, based at Membury, tells how the RAF boys do not like the "Yanks doing a little crazy flying once in a while, just having fun, and scare the hell out of them." The story was related to him by an RAF pilot.


"I was talking to one [RAF pilot] today who said ‘a bunch of blokes’ from one of our outfits were flying along and he decided he would pull up and fly formation with them so when he did they surrounded his plane and flew so close a box on him he couldn’t get out and he wanted to go home but they wouldn’t let him and after they led him away to hell off from his field, they let him out. He wasn’t sore though. He just laughed and shook his head and said the blokes."




Nothing like a little "sibling rivalry" eh?





Oh those naughty Americans! ^_^

Marion J Chard
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