from today's 36th Combat Engineers

18 September 2005


Dear Fellow Seahorse Veterans:


I am proud and honored to be the current commander of the 36th Engineer Combat Group during this critical time in the history of our Nation. This “war on terrorism†is key to the survival of the American Way of Life, and our conflict in the Middle East is critical to the defeat of the proliferation of terrorism in the US and around the world. You should be proud of how today’s “RUGGED SEAHORSE†Soldiers as they selflessly serve the military and our country. They are dedicated, motivated, and proud of both their service today, and of your service in years and wars past. As with the official approval of the Seahorse Shoulder Patch, and the future transition of the 36th Engineer Group to the 36th Engineer Brigade and attachment of dedicated Engineer Battalions, the future and continued legacy of the original 36th Engineer Combat Regiment looks great.


Currently 36th Engineer Combat Group is attached to the 3rd Infantry Division, Multi-National Division-Baghdad, Multi-National Corps–Iraq; serving a one year tour (Jan-Dec 05). We have had attached to us the 612th Engineer Battalion (Combat Mechanized) from the Ohio National Guard; the 92nd Engineer Battalion (Combat Heavy) from Fort Stewart Georgia; the 200th/201st Expeditionary Red Horse Squadron from Ohio Air National Guard, the 67th Engr Det (Specialized Search Dogs) from Fort Leonardwood, Missouri; C Co / 365th Engr Bn (Combat Heavy) from Pennsylvania Army Reserve; C Co / 107th Engr Bn (Utilities Det) from Michigan National Guard; Det 3 / 732nd Base Civil Engineer Squadron (Utilities Det), Air National Guard; and, 92nd Chemical Company from Fort Stewart Georgia.


Our Mission is to provide Command and Control, Mobility, Counter-Mobility, Survivability, and General Engineering support to 3rd Infantry Division’s Full Spectrum Counter-Insurgency Operations, in Area of Operation Baghdad, during Operation Iraqi Freedom 04-06.?


Highlights from January thru August 2005:



· Command and Control 3 plus Battalions of Engineer soldiers and other enablers, conducting combat and construction engineer missions.

· Designed over 50 major construction projects; executed 34 vertical projects, 30 horizontal projects, 34 force protection projects, 12 transportation missions, 9 utilities projects, and 122 other missions; and, another 50 mission in the planning.

· Coordinate facility construction and maintenance requirements for all forces assigned to Multi-National Division-Baghdad.

· Synchronized the facility identification, temporary repairs, and permanent construction requirements to support the Baghdad Iraqi Army Division and its 7 Iraqi Army Brigades.

· Cleared 43,000 kilometers of road, interrogated 5100 possible bombs, and cleared over 200 Improvised Explosive Devices.

· Sustained 28 Casualties all receiving Purple Hearts (none resulting in death).

· Awards: all soldiers have earned the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Campaign Medal, and Iraqi Campaign Medal. Many of my soldiers will earn the Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal, and the new Combat Action Badge. I expect the Group and Bn’s to be nominated for a Unit Citation.


612th ENGR BN:

· Command and Control organic HHC, A, B, and C Co; and, attachments of 67th En Det (SSD).

· Conducts 2 to 4 Route Reconnaissance and Clearance Operations daily; clearing over 43,000 km of Baghdad Routes, conducted over 5100 interrogations of possible bombs, and cleared over 200 Improvised Explosive Devices.

· Provides an engineer platoon to provide security for the Corps Internment Facility at Abu Ghraib Prison; performs quick reaction force duties our base camp; and, provided security forces to Daura Oil Refinery

· Conducted area mine sweep operations to find weapons caches.

· Constructed two expedient detainee detention facilities for the Iraqi Army.

· Transported and installed thousands of concrete barriers to harden critical coalition and Iraqi facilities.

· Constructed dozens of traffic control points around Baghdad.

· Constructed several kilometers of force protection berms, and HESCO Container revetment walls around dozens critical facilities.

· Constructed and issued over 65 Humanitarian Sustenance (food), Construction(lumber, electrical, generator, plumbing), and Admin (office supplies) packages of material in support to Iraqi Civilian disaster relief from terrorist attacks.


92nd ENGR BN:

· Command and Control organic HSC, A, and B Co; and, attachments of C/365th Engr Bn, C/107th Engr Bn, and 92d Chem Co.

· Constructed / modified 3 Brigade Size Headquarters buildings, 4 Battalion Size Headquarters buildings, 30 Company Size Headquarters buildings.

· Constructed a Mortuary Affairs Building.

· Constructed a Dental Clinic.

· Expanded a Troop Medical Clinic.

· Constructed 4 KSPAN Maintenance Hangers.

· Constructed 20 Iraqi style field latrines and showers.

· Conducted numerous bomb crater repairs on several critical main supply routes.

· Cleared and conducted the earth work site preparations for the new Corps Detention Facility (prison) to replace Abu Ghraib Prison.

· Conducted emergency structural, electrical, and plumbing repairs to abandoned and damaged administrative and barracks facilities to support over 5000 Iraqi Army soldiers.

· Constructed / installed drainage culverts, ditches, and re-graded hundreds of acres of flooding base camps.

· Constructed/repaired/improved over 10 Km of combat roads and trails.

· Constructed / expanded US and Iraqi Army weapons ranges.



· Completed the construction of a 1 million square foot airfield concrete parking apron

· Constructed 200, 000 square foot helicopter heavy lift parking apron

· Constructed 3 Helicopter Maintenance Shelters

· Constructed 2 Maintenance Hanger KSPANs

· Constructed 2 major base camp entry control points

· Constructed 2 weapons ranges (for Special Forces and Iraqi Army)

· Renovated 5 Brigade and Bn headquarters buildings

· Renovated 15 Iraqi Soldier Barracks

· Quality Assurance for 18 contracted civilian construction projects

· Repaired 8 bomb craters along main supply routes



· Constructed 2 ea 500 man tent city base camps, to include installing all tents, roads, and utilities

· Provided electrical installation for over 20 observation cameras at key locations around Baghdad

· Inspected electrical systems for over 500 facilities occupied by US soldiers (grounding danger)

· Constructed 1 Battalion and 10 Company sized administrative facilities

· 92nd CHEM CO:

· Maintains 4 Hazardous Assessment Teams for emergency chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear response

· Conducted 10 Hazardous Assessments for toxic industrial chemicals

· Supported operations of the Groups Construction Material Trans-load Yard (inspect / download Iraqi construction vehicle loads)



· Supported multiple maneuver unit cordon and search operations, and search and attack operations

· Searched hundreds of critical infrastructure facilities (Coalition and Iraqi) looking for explosives and weapons

· Conducted vehicle inspections at entry and traffic control points





COL Jim Brooks

Seahorse 6


Marion J Chard
Proud Daughter of Walter (Monday) Poniedzialek
540th Engineer Combat Regiment, 2833rd Bn, H&S Co, 4th Platoon
There's "No Bridge Too Far"

From John Fallon


WE all knew that Colonel Brooks has been doing a great job in Iraq with the 36th and with all his problems he got the seahorse re approved as the 36th Shoulder Patch. Guess what else? The 36th is becoming a Brigade with its own assigned Battalions. That means that shoulder patches and regimental pins will be easy to get.


I sure hope tht Colonel Brooks gets the first Star in the Brigade.


36 Engineers are rugged......John Fallon II. Capt. USA Ret.

Marion J Chard
Proud Daughter of Walter (Monday) Poniedzialek
540th Engineer Combat Regiment, 2833rd Bn, H&S Co, 4th Platoon
There's "No Bridge Too Far"

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