John McAuliffe in Foxhole

Photo sent to me by my European friend, Stan Bellens. Thanks Stan. This is John McAuliffe visiting an old foxhole that still remains. Let's get John to give us the details...


Ah here's the scoop from John...


Hi Marion, Yes, The photo was taken during the 60th VBOB Anniversary Tour in Belgium and Luxembourg last Dec. 2004....We visited the town of St. Vith Belgium, which was totally destroyed, being occupied by both German and Allied forces during the battle. On the outskirts of the town are remaining foxholes of the 106th Inf. Div., which lost 7,000 captured by the Germans. I am standing in one of the foxholes....Near by is a monument to the 168th Combat Engineers who fought in the area, and had men captured. One of my good friends from our Cent. Mass. Chapt was one of those captured...


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