147th Combat Engineers at Omaha
Hello from Normandy, France.
Just a quick post to share pictures of the memorial monument of the 147th CE.

[Image: 20210715-122821.jpg]
[Image: 20210715-122852.jpg]

The monument is located in a yard of the castle of Englescqueville-Percée, 3km west from Vierville-sur-Mer (Omaha D1 exit). The 147th has been settled in the castle until mid november 1944. They used barracks built by the germans to shelter workers of the Atlantic Wall.

[Image: LD108-p274-chat-Englesqueville-147-Engr.jpg]
This picture has been taken beginning of november 1944 when the memorial was inaugurated.
Wooden barracks can be seen in the back. They have been destroyed since.

[Image: Mon147-ECB-Englesqu1944.jpg]
Proudly posing in front of the monument.
Any information on the identity of this soldier?

The owner of castle, Mr Bernard Lebrec, is a really passionate man, dedicated to the memory of the 147th. If anybody intents to visit Normandy, i strongly recommend to visit the castle and discuss with him. The castle has been owned by his family for a while and they produced excellent cider and calvados .

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