Hello everyone,  Thanks of permitting me to join in.  My father was a company commander in the Pacific and participated in the battle for Okinawa and at the conclusion of the war went on to help rebuild Japan during the Occupation.  He never spoke about the war and for the most part only know what few stories he did share and what some of his friends told me much later on.  I tried to investigate his service only to be told his records except for a very few had been destroyed in a fire at the St. Louis facility.

We finally persuaded him to take a vacation, when he had retired, and return to Japan.  He located his old friend and interpreter who took him to the building (still standing used as car dealership) that had been his headquarters in Nagoya.  

Wondered if anyone out there had and OB for Okinawa that might go down to company level or at least battalion so that I might be able to try to determine regiment/division he was part of.  Thanks again and I look forward to being a part of this forum.

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