Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! 

Thank you for being a part of this forum and sharing your knowledge with all of us!

[Image: Christmas-Tree-in-Snow-e1507678456102-1500x609.jpg]
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I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

[Image: ?]

Incidentally, the Katakana (Japanese characters for foreign words) on the windshield frame says "Christmas" - クリスマス. The proceeding kanjji (祝 - shaku or しゅくif you prefer) means celebration.  It's harder to see what is on the bumper due to the tape and foliage. The troops involved seem to be Aussies or Kiwis. Someone more knowledgeable about Commonwealth uniforms can correct me, if need be. I'm guessing this was during occupation or they wouldn't have Japanese characters on the jeep. The source for this image didn't have any info.

Also, looking for this year's Christmas WWII picture I found the following site:

Pretty neat

Just found this thanks to Google Reverse image search (don't like Google but they are good at what they do):

Photo by Australian War Memorial collection on flickr
· · · ID Number: 132329 Maker: Queale, Alan Itsukushima, Japan. During the Christmas activities organized by 116th Australian construction depot, British Commonwealth Occupation Force (BCOF), at Miyajima school Santa Claus arrives by jeep. On the front of the jeep, inscribed in Japanese, are the words "Merry Christmas". Left to right: VX150376 driver a. R. Davis, Euroa, Vic (1); SX34345 private M. P. Burgess, Norwood, SA (2); NX196391 Private C. R. Ansell, Willoughby, NSW (3) Rights Info: No known copyright restrictions. This photograph is from the Australian War Memorial's collection Persistent URL:

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