Marcel F James
    Hi everyone, 

I'm looking for some informations about my grandfather. He was in ESB troup(but idk which one) and his crew had landed in Normandy (prehars near Colleville sur mer according to my grandmother). He met her in a little town called Mosles in june 1944. Unfortunately, he change his unit at the end of the war for the 716th MP bn (when he back inUsa) so idk his unit/regiment during the ETO. But 2 pictures show him wearing an ESB Patch and it's one of the only thing (his patch) that he left after burning down all his military stuff. I only know the departure of his boat from an to USA.  He fought in Normandy, Nothern France, Belgium and Germany (+ he had some adresses in Netherland and one picture with us soldiers but I don't know why. His name was Marcel F James, he was born in Normandy, he fought here and died here in 90's. So if someone could help me in my research, if someone see his name in a roster i'll be very thankful. 

I found this on see attache file

Marcel F. James
Birth Date:
12 May 1923
Birth Place:
Granville, Manche, France
Residence Date:
26 Nov 1951
Residence Place:
Granville, Manche, France.

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