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My father, John A LaBoda was in the 247th Company B. He very rarely spoke about the war. He did mention the pillboxes, fighting in hedgerows  and the time they poured gas down the ventilation shafts. It was interesting to read the same story on Faces Beyond The Graves. http://www.facesbeyondthegraves.com/pagina78.html

Here is something you don't see often. This is his DD214 that barely survived the 1973 fire at The National Personnel Records Center (NPRC). This is the copy that they sent to me


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Very interesting. You are right that I have never seen a partially burned document from the fire (such a tragedy). It makes sense, I guess - the fire had to stop somewhere. It looks like maybe one side of a box caught fire and it was put out before it could consume the whole box. Wow, that's lucky for you!



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