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Hello. My name is Deborah Gregory and my father was Will T Colter. He served in the 245th Combat Engineers Company A. I would like to find any info or pics of the 245th and share anything I have as well. My father rarely ever spoke of his service even when we asked him!   


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Hello Deborah, glad you have joined us here on the forum. Certainly look forward to anything you have to share with us regarding your father and the 245th ECB. If you type in "245th" in the forum search box, located on the top right of the page, it will show you previous posts about this unit. There is a website devoted to the 245th ECB, here is the link for it:


Lots of great info and pics there. Good luck with your search Deborah!




Thanks Randy. I have been out of sorts with a severe case of bronchitis and haven't been on the forum much at all. Good to be back. 

Welcome Deborah. Glad to make your acquaintance and look forward to any discussion/questions that you may have. 


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