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So a great many people (judging by posts I've read) loved Picasa Web Albums. Unfortunately, Google killed it and is no longer supporting its client-side program, Picasa3. Unfortunately, Picasa Web Albums is how I had all of my old pictures posted here on the site. It was simple and worked exceedingly well, which, I suppose, is why they decided to get rid of it.


So the problem is that when I go to Google Photos now, select the picture I want and grab the link for the photo, it no longer works on the forum. Actually, the odd thing is the image I want shows up in the preview, but I get a warning that says "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community."


Using the right click and "copy image address" had worked as late April on your birthday ( but Google must have changed how they create links to the stored images.


Now when I do that the link looks like this:


It doesn't have .jpg on the end, which I guess is the problem. Very sad indeed.


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