D-Days in the Pacific

Tonight Sunday, July 24, the History Channel is featuring a new show called, D-Days in the Pacific. It will be running for several hours tonight and if you get a chance, I think it will be worth your time. Yours truly will be tuned in.

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Thank you for the reminder! - Marilyn


I missed it on TV but found it in the video store recently. Well worth seeing and/or owning. One of the few things I remember my Dad saying about the war was the terrible carnage the Marines went through on islands like Pelileu. He was in the Navy and at times had the sad duty of recovering the dead that floated off the beaches. This set "D-Days in the Pacific" covers all the major landings as well as the costly victories. For these guys there was no real "rear area" to speak of. Strange as it seems, my Dad told me that many of the Marines he talked with said they would rather take their chances on shore with the Japs rather than face the kamikazi attacks. God Bless all our guys in the service...



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Today on the History Channel was an episode of "Battlefield Detectives" dealing with the 24 day battle for Saipan, the last battle before the planned invasion of the Japanese mainland. I the early morning hours of July 7th,1944 the remaining 3,000 soldiers of the Japanese army launched a head-on Banzai charge at US lines, which were manned by US Marines and members of the US Army 27th and 105th Infantry. The battle soon bacame hand-to-hand fighting, with rifle butts, bayonets, clubs and fists...No quarter was ask for or given by either side. At the end, all 3,000 plus Jap soldiers lay dead...some piled 2-3 high where they fell, and over 900 Americans were killed or wounded in this final assault. My God, what courage....God Bless these Brave American Fighting men. It probably sounds a bit corny or perhaps even phony to say this, but these are now the things that go through my head as I am standing next to a man in his 80's in a grocery line...or when I catch myself starting to become irritated by the car ahead going "too slow" when all I can see from behind is a shock of white hair...




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