105th AAA AW Bn

Trying to help a new person obtain info on the 105th AAA AW Bn.


Hi. My name is Nichole Miller and my grandfather was in the army during WWII. I have some information, but I would love to find a photo of his battalion. He was 105th AAA AW BN. Could you help at all? He just passed this week at 95! Thanks in advance!




First off Nichole, so sorry to hear of your loss... :-(
I do have a little info on the forum regarding this unit. It's not much, but...
Please see these threads - ​
then look for the post dated - 15 September 2011 - 11:21 AM
then look for the post dated - Posted 01 March 2006 - 02:59 PM, then scroll to see Other Attached Units
However, there are many links regarding this unit listed under a google search, including the Eisenhower Museum and Library, who have a box of materials on this unit. You can contact them and ask how to obtain the documentation on the 105th AAA AW BN.
I see from the following page regarding the 443rd AAA Bn, that they were put under the jurisdiction of the 105th in Sicily in 1943. See 2nd paragraph.
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I know they were also attached to the 34th Infantry Division in Naples/Foggia in Italy in 1943.
As you can see (other than the Eisenhower library), these are just tidbits of info on this unit, not complete histories. What I suggest is that you not only contact the Eisenhower Library, but also contact the National Archives in Maryland. They have official UNIT histories which you can access. Here's their info:
If you call or write, you can find out what information they have available. Then you can visit them in person, or hire a researcher to copy said materials for you.
But, I just found this little gem on Col Frederick H Fox. I think you will find this fascinating! Looks like he was in charge of the 105th. Very cool!
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