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Proposal to make CAB retroactive to WWII. This will substitute the CIB and deprive the BSM to no doubt thousands of WWII veterans who are entitled the CIB according to applicable guidelines.


Several points I would like to share…


Rep. Richard Nugent, R-Florida, has filed legislation for retroactive CAB authorization for several years, even making it tax-neutral by requiring those who might be approved for the medal to purchase it directly from the supplier.


The House adopted his bills but the Senate has balked.


"I've never gotten a good explanation for why the Senate is so opposed to it. “

Attempted to explain to his office the answer.


>The Combat Infantryman Badge dates to World War II and has been awarded to soldiers bearing the infantry MOS in all subsequent wars and campaigns.


Another mistake...the MOS was not required until 1951. Since discovering such injustice, I telephoned Rep. Richard Nugent (FL) who introduced legislation for the CAB. Attempted to give the answer but it was a waste of time...


Army combatants who fought during the campaign were under War Department Circulars 269 and 105 retroactive on or after 6 December 1941 that did not mention MOS and/or unit assignment. Combat Infantryman Badge may be awarded to any infantryman.


Telephoned Senators McCain and Flake, but also a waste of time since I have no family member involved. Not able to change the course. Someone must give a try by contacting their Representative(s) of Congress.



For combatants who fought the enemy after 17 October 1944, particularly the Battle of the Bulge come under WDC 408, dated 17 October 1944 effective 1 November 1944. It does not require MOS of an infantryman, but requires the individual to be assigned to an infantry unit.



Discovered a variety of possessed MOS's personnel held who were awarded the CIB according to guidelines.




Well, it's good someone is still thinking about it. Hopefully Congress will be able to get their act together and do something worthwhile - stead of just giving away other people's money for votes. I got an idea!! How about a law that addresses this issue that is half a page or less? No, that isn't efficient!! They should put it in a 45,000 page omnibus everything bill!


Sorry, I got carried away there. Still - it is good someone is thinking about this. It would still be better to get them the CIB they deserve, but a CAB in the hand is worth two in the bush, yes? A CIB may never get approved whereas this may.

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