October 28, 1886 Innauguration of the Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty: Inauguration October 28, 1886

Difficult to imagine New York without the famous statue. It was inaugurated by President Grover Cleveland on October 28, 1886. Gift from France and the sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, the statue is the first symbol of Franco-American friendship developed during the War of Independence (the order is made in 1876 to commemorate Independence). It also symbolizes the ideals of freedom and democracy. Generally it is seen as a reminder of international friendship and the reception of immigrants.

For the record we note that the statue, a gift from France, was to be installed on foundations paid by the US, which provoked much debate at the time. To carry the statue was dismantled into 350 of the pieces placed in 214 boxes!

The painting is made by Edward Moran (1886 for the inauguration).


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Just watched a great special on this last night with Lee. Nicely done.

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...and there are also 4 Statues of Liberty in Paris, the model for the one in New York, the biggest one which was a present of Americans living in Paris to the town and two smaller copies. (Nearly) A whole Family.







There is a Statue of Liberty on Okinawa! I will have to take a picture.

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