D-Day US Airborne Operations - Parachutages américains - Normandie 1944

American airborne and airlanding operations during the 1944 Normandy invasion.
Parachutages et aérolargages américains pendant l'opération Overlord en 1944 en Normandie.






This is so incredible - all of these films!


I do not want to overburden you with questions, so I will try to resist asking.


But this effort of yours to locate these films and to share them with us is extraordinary! Your passion for all things regarding WW2 always comes out in whatever you share with us.


Your kindness to all those men at the Colleville-sur- Mer Cemetery is so appreciated by all of us! They fought for the freedom that we all still enjoy today.


Thank you so very much for all you do!




Hi Jean ,


Thank you so much !!

I'm proud to honor their memory. because we cannot forget them .
They gave their life for our liberty.
I found the families of 10 of my soldiers whose I flowered the grave.
I'm in contact with them all the time .
They send me the pictures and I can put a face on their names and i know now a little bit more about their short lives, lost for our liberty!!
My dream is to meet all families a day !!
I always continue my researches, for my 2 others soldats to find also their families and to also able to have a pictures.
But , I lose the hope of finding one day !
Name:Robert Thomas State:New York
Matricule:32428708 Rank:private first class, U.S .Army
Unity:988th quartermaster service company
died:27 oct 1945
Name: J.S.Willis State: Missouri
Matricule:37410081 Rank:private, U,S Army
unity:450th gasoline supply company
Have a good day Jean
With all my love from France



I was going to comment on your latest film, but this seems like a good place to write.


It is Fabulous what you are doing! From recognizing the boys to providing us the films. It really helps me understand the War better and what my Dad experienced and so many other men experienced. I would never of found these films without you.


If only Larry Duzal was alive! He was the best researcher that you could ever find. And he did it all with no thought of renumeration. He worked day and night to figure out the puzzles and gather the contact information together. He was truly a genius at that. I miss him so much as a person, even though it was such a short time that I knew him, what a wit, and research genius.


I wonder if you ever worked with him.




I do not know Larry Duzal and I did not work with him .

Jean, I'd like you to tell me about your father !! He landed on Omaha Beach or Utah Beach, He was in what unit ?





The things you are providing on this site are priceless! I can not Thank You enough!


My Dad came in on Utah Beach in the 2nd wave. He was with the 4th Division, 22nd Regiment, and he was a Medic in the Medic Battalion that was attached to the 22nd.


I have been researching his story for a long time. That is how I found this amazing website. There was a topic on Siegburg (and there was never anything on Siegburg anywhere) and while the entry was not recent, I knew that I had finally found something of great importance.


It is through this site that I found Christoph, who is amazing and so generous with his time, and who also had a passion to know more about Siegburg! Knowing him has been like a miracle happening in my life!


Larry Duzal came to the Siegburg site late. He too was another miracle. He came around Memorial Day (May) 2013. He was relentless in trying to figure out things - some things that never would be solved if it was not for him. He died Jan. 7, 2014 while I was at a Trade Show. When I returned from the show Marion shared the brutal news with me. I was broken hearted - and still am - some day I will share some of his funny comments that Larry would write after he had done hours and hours of intensive research.


In Larry's honor fairly soon I will have 2 bricks being placed on Magazine Street at the WW2 Museum. I did not want Larry to be alone, and since it was his Dad that was in WW2, I had a brick also made for his Dad. The bricks will be laid next to each other. Soon I will be sending the books from the WW2 Museum and copies of the certificate to Larry's wife.


Vee, it is wonderful to get to know you!




Great exchange ladies. So pleased to see the two of you have met and have been writing back and forth. :pdt12:

Marion J Chard
Proud Daughter of Walter (Monday) Poniedzialek
540th Engineer Combat Regiment, 2833rd Bn, H&S Co, 4th Platoon
There's "No Bridge Too Far"

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