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Feb 2014



Hello Marion, saw your information regarding combat engineers. I was with the 78th Infantry Division, Ammunition and Pioneer platoon. We preformed small enineering jobs on the front lines and furnished ammo ( small arms, mortar shells, shape charges to blow open pill boxes etc. You can get killed in this line of work. I came close being hurt on many missions. I live in Atlanta, Ga. where I was born 1924. Have been in Architecture and Construction over sixty years. Attended Ga. Tech on GI Bill. Will be age 90 in may, Married, four sons.


All the best, Regards and good luck.


J. Milton Sandifer



Sent me a few pics and I am uploading them to the gallery. Here's what he had to say about them...



Marion, here is another wonderful picture of my squad. See the notes and names attached. Sgt Russell P. Labraska from Charleroi, PA. was also in the Chow line picture, holding the BAR Rifle on his shoulder and wearing fielf jacket ( not overcoat). He and I had removed our overcoats because German Paratroopers had jumped behind our lines in American uniforms and overcoats, we had orders to shoot if we discovered them.




My unit passed through these towers on March 10,1945 sixty nine years ago. Eight members of my squad failed to be with us because they were wounded or killed on the opposite side of bridge. I was 21 years of age. The Remagen Bridge collapsed into the Rhine River 7 days later from being shelled by both sides. Twenty Engineers died on the bridge when it fell. They were attempting to repair the weakened old bridge. I think Three American Divisions got across before it fell. My Division ( The 78th )now advanced on to cut across the German Autobahn Highway. The German Army was beginning to surrender en mass. It was all coming to an end. May 8, 1945. My Division went on to occupy Berlin in November 1945. An experience of a lifetime, the proudest time of my life, serving this country,no doubt. Not a day now goes by without my thoughts drifting back to those times. Unforgettable



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Marion J Chard
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Hello to J. Milton Sandifer!


Man, what an honor to be hearing something from a man that actually crossed the Remagen Bridge during that time period!


The 78th Division is an amazing Division and they had an amazing Association after the War. I am so sorry that it was disbanded. I was able to get many copies of The Flash (their newsletter) from Jennifer Norton who was absolutely incredible.


Marion, do you think Mr. Sandifer would be up for a visit from me. I would love to hear his War recollections and especially about the time from Remagen forward.


There was a PFC Lawrence Morel with the 78th who is pictured serving my Dad and Guidry their first American Bread and Jam after their successful escape around March 21st and 22nd. It was the 78th that came across Dad and Guidry in the field. Morel's address in the caption on the photo is158 Spring St. Newton, New Jersey. If the 78th Association or the Flash were still in existence when I learned of Morel, I would have put out an inquiry in the publication


It would be fascinating to track where Mr. Sandifer was before the 10th, West of the Rhine, and then onward. He actually might have passed through Waldbrol or heard stories about it and about the 2 Americans that made it to the Allied lines.


Marion, you sure do reach a huge number of people!


I am so passionate about that Remagen Bridge crossing story! I have several books on it. What a story! We went there a couple of years ago on that quick trip when we went to meet the Sister.




I just sent an email to Milton. He's a frequent writer, so I am sure to hear back from him soon. Thanks for your interest. Talk to ya soon.

Marion J Chard
Proud Daughter of Walter (Monday) Poniedzialek
540th Engineer Combat Regiment, 2833rd Bn, H&S Co, 4th Platoon
There's "No Bridge Too Far"

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