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I am looking for information about the best way to organize information and photos on the 398th Engineers. I do not have any background on starting my own web site that would be a link from this one. Any suggestions about what other Engineer Units have done?




Joe Miga




If you want your own website, I could assist you with that, for I am a web designer. To get started though, you can post your info right here, for it would be a start. Look around and see what others have done on this forum. I also have a memoirs pages and unit info links on the main site.

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And there are many options for making a website. You could even do something simple on wordpress or Google has free webpages as well. They're not stellar options but they are affordable options. I'm lucky enough to run my own webserver at home for my site but not everyone has that option.


If you have questions though it sounds like Marion and I could certainly provide some assistance / guidance.


Actually, I hoped on here to post in the 284th section about how I've made a Facebook page for the unit and I'm telling their story there and using my website more as an archive that has a lot more details. It has been very successful. You may wish to consider that route?




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