Pics from Okinawa

Hello all,

I just wanted to post some pictures I have been taking around Okinawa. We have been trying to get out and see a lot before I leave. We've explored a lot except for a couple of weekends where there was a bug going around the family. So here it goes:



Pick marks on the side of the walls of the Japanese Naval Underground Headquarters. They had no power tools digging this structure.



I took this same picture in 1998 and have seen this sign around the webs, too. Amazing to think of the site that was here so many years ago.



Another view of that vault.



Not sure what this is but it is at the Peace Park. I have posted other pictures of the park itself in the General Discussion forum before so won't again here.



This is one of the castel ruins here on island. This is the Katsuren-jo ruins in my home town of Uruma Shi (うるま市).



There was quite the panaramic view from atop the walls.



This is Ikei beach on Ikei Island (one of the small of the Ryukyu Islands of which Okinawa is the biggest.) It was very nice!



Here's the boys on the bridge between Okinawa and Miyagi Island (which you passed through on the way to Ikei).


Check out the rest here:


Interesting pics Todd and it really looks as if you are having it tough there lol. But it's great to hear from you and keep posting pics and keep in touch.




Love your reply Colin! And BTW, great pics as usual. Thanks for letting us get a peek at your new life.

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