"Friday" is looking for his American "foster father"

What a great way to start my morning. As promised I am sharing this with all the Vietnam vets out there. Please pass this along to your fellow veterans. Hoping someone will recognize his story and his picture.


The man who sent this to me is trying to help reunite this man with his "adopted" father. Thanks for your help!




Dear Mr. Marion,


Greetings from Hochiminh city, Vietnam


My name is Quy, I am a travel agent in Hochiminh city, Vietnam.


I searched on Google and know you thru this website http://www.6thcorpsc...tengineers.com/. I am helping a Vietnamese man find his foster father who was a veteran in Vietnam in 1966, 1967, his unit stationed in Tam Ky, former Quang Tin province and currently Quang Nam province.


I used to help an American veteran whose unit was Vietnam 737th transportation company http://www.vietnam73...om/aboutus.html) find a Vietnamese boy who he knew and helped in the war and I succeeded in finding that boy. Now that boy’s daughter is the American veteran’s daughter in law. Now I continue to volunteer to help find an American who was the foster father of a Vietnamese boy in the war, his name is Hien.


I send you his below story and do hope you can help by forwarding the story to your friends who were veterans in Vietnam before or forwarding to any one who you think can help


In 1966, 1967, when I was 8 years old (I was born in 1958) in Ky Huong commune, Tam Ky district, Quang Tin province (Now it is Quang Nam province).. One day, I was walking by the road, I saw some American soliders on a Jeep car, they dropped by a roadside tea shop, they saw me and one man took me to the Jeep then they took me to their base, after that they took me back home and asked my parents to adopt me. According to my memory, that unit is engineer troop and they are the people who built Tam Ky hospital, the unit stationed there to protectthe former Quang Tin province, next the unit is an artillery of South Vietnamese government and in front of the unit is a combat airport.


My foster father named me Friday and took care of me as his son, I remember his name is Audom or something like that as I was so small then so I don’t remember his name exactly. He is tall, I am pretty sure that he worked in the headquarters as his room is just next to the radio transmitter shelter of the unit headquarters.


My foster father took me to school where I learnt both Vietnamese and English, he also hired a teacher to give me private tuition and I remember the tutor is a son of a colonel who is the governor of the former Quang Tin province. My school was Tin Duc school, now it is Le Quy Don school in Tam Ky town. On Sundays he often drove me to Chu Lai airport to do shopping and swim in the beach.


His family sent me a lot of clothes, toys, he took many pictures of me but I lost almost of them, now I only have the picture that was taken at the power station of the unit.


In early 1972, my foster father proceeded the paperworks to bring me to US together with him, one day he and some Americans plus a translator namely Dung went to my house by a Jeep car to talk with my family to proceed the paperworks. I don’t know why he could not take me with him, he cried a lot and so did I. He left a lot of devices such as 1 Television, 1 fan, 1 radio, 1 watch and many other devices to me and my family.


After he got home, in 1973 he sent me a box with devices and toys together with a letter that the translator brought directly to my family. I don’t remember the content of the letter as I was so small then but we still kept that letter until 1975 when the war was over, my family moved to another place so we lost the letter and other papers and we don’t know any news from him anymore.


It has been 46 years since 1966, now I am an adult, a teacher in Dak Lak in the central highlands of Vietnam, the image of my foster father engraved upon my mind, I wish some day I can meet him, kiss on his cheeks and thank you for all the good things he has done to me. If you know anything about him or anyone who has the same story about me, please let me know. I really appreciate your help.


Attached, you will find his photo taken when he was 8 or 9 years old


Thank you very much for your kind attention and help


Best regards

Andrew Nguyen(Mr)

Travel Consultant



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