My friend's military story

One of my former schoolmate, now is a captain of the Alpine. (he was 3 times in Afghanistan)

On the Italian camouflage uniform, on the collar there are two fabric patches in a star shape. My friend years ago did a course at a U.S. Army base in Italy. When he arrived at the gate, the two guards are taken at present arms as if they had seen the devil himself... My friend has returned salute, then passed the gate he understood that the two soldiers had mistaken him for a General because of 2 stars. In fact, those stars do not indicate a degree here in Italy. lol It was not his intention to make fun of those soldiers, but then he could not go back to explain.... But for a moment he felt important :P


Ah, his brief claim to fame! :P :P :P

Marion J Chard
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FUNNY ! I had a similar event. I'm on a base that is known for its huge number of green trainees. I have a service star on my front windshield and that apparently startled a few into stock still attention. Oh well. Better safe than sorry. :D


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