Documentary from the 60s?????

Here is a request for info, which I received earlier this week. Can anyone help?



I just came across your website and thought I would write to ask you a question.


In the later 1960's, my sister saw a WWII documentary that, in the credits, mentioned my Uncle Keith Freeze's name. She thought the name of the documentary was "We were soldiers". My uncle served in the Corp of Engineers in Africa. I'm afraid I don't know much else. He was pretty quiet about his war experience. He was twice taken prisoner and escaped both times.


After the war, my uncle moved to the Mt. Pleasant/Shepard Michigan area where he lived out the rest of his life. He has been gone several years now.



Anyway, I wonder if you have heard of that documentary. My sister saw it one time and never again.


I know there is another "We were soldiers", but it is not the documentary that we're looking for. In the 1960s, there were not too many tv stations!


Thank you in advance for any help that you can give.


Julie Freeze Johnston

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