Letters from Iraq

Well to be more specific I have an email I thought I wouold share. I will add more as they come in if they are of the nature I can share them. so far they have been pretty short. But they are gold to me!!


How's it going?

Everything is fine here. We flew in on a C130 and me and one girl got to sit in the cockpit and listen to the pilots when we were flying, which was pretty cool. We're staying in tents, but they're air conditioned, so it's not too bad. The weather is a little warm, but I'm pretty much used to it by now, so it's not really an issue. I try to stay hydrated with plenty of Budweiser, just kidding. They make sure that we do all of that. We'll be moving into the tents of the unit we are replacing this week, and they have wood walls built, so me and PFC Howard will share a room. If you can, send that three drawer chest, but I don't think we need the flea collars, if we do I'll let you know, but probably not. Also, the unit we're replacing didn't have any injuries or deaths the year they were here, so I think we'll be pretty safe. I'll still stay on my toes though. Well, I better get going, tell everyone I miss them and love them.

Love, your baby boy


P.S. Keep me updated when you here from Dusty.


Hey momaseata, (that's not spelled right).

I only have a minute, so this will probably be short, but not as short as your weenie e-mail. Tell Justin and Cris that I said hi, and that I'll write them when I get a chance. So how is everything going at home. It's probably a little quieter huh. Don't worry, we'll all be together soon to drive eachother crazy. We start working this week, so it'll make time go a little quicker, but it hasn't been all that bad. Send me a list of e-mail addresses, like the whole families, and see if you can get Zack's as well. Well I better get going, sorry so short.

Love, your baby boy,

Tay Tay


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