Korean War Project Newsletter May 30, 2011 Volume 13, 1

Jim H sent this to me.


Many are already aware of this site, and yes, we do have links to it too. But below is a newsletter...





Korean War Project Newsletter May 30, 2011 Volume 13, 1



From: Hal and Ted Barker: koreanwar.org

For: Jim Hennessey



Table of Contents:


1. Editorial

2. This Mailing List (Join or Leave)

3. Our Newsletter

4. Bookstore | Film

5. Membership

6. New: Site Search Tool

7. Looking For | BBS | Remembrance

8. New: War Diaries and Command Reports

9. Maps on the Korean War Project

10. New: 60th Anniversary Center

11. POW/MIA Repatriations



1. Editorial



We would like to extend a group hello to all of our website visitors or

email correspondents. Many of you are brand new to our website and we

encourage you to browse all areas.


Hal and I share our thoughts today as the Korean War Project continues

to Remember the sacrifices of all those who have served or paid the

ultimate cost of such service.


Hal and Ted Barker



2. This Mailing List (going to 44,000 + persons)



We began sending this newsletter mailing in December of 1998. The first

issue went to just over 2000 persons.


This list is a private list for our visitors and members. A person may

join or leave the list at will. It is compiled from our Guest Book and

comprises public service messages of general interest to veterans and



To join or leave the list: email to: Ted Barker tbarker@kwp.org

Place: Subscribe or Unsubscribe in the subject line.


Consider forwarding the Newsletter to your friends by email or print.

Word of mouth is how we grow.


Thanks to all who have made this newsletter and the website possible!



3. Our Newsletter



Many of our visitors have commented upon not receiving our email news. A

change in policies with all the service providers to choke down mass

email has resulted in most of our attempts being blocked or shunted to

unwanted mail folders.


The KWP ran into problems with the October 28, 2008 delivery attempt.


To prevent the possibility of this version becoming interrupted, no web

links will be inserted. Those links have proven to be problematic as

many of you have personally experienced.


All new versions of our newsletters or spot news will be in our 60th

Anniversary Commemoration Center. That section is on the main page of

the website.



4. Bookstore | Film



We have several book additions to feature on the site. Films will

continue to be featured and TV shows announced.


Check your PBS listings for airing of Hold At All Costs, a film about

Outpost Harry, June of 1953. The initial airing is Memorial Day 2011.




From Jack Morris, our first Recollections author:


28 March 2011




I just posted on Amazon by way of an eBook an expanded diary of my

months in Korea during the that war.


It is displayed on Amazon eBooks at: MY WAR: KOREA - A Diary. It can be

reached by calling up my name, Jack Morris.


Note: Jack was a member of the 363rd Recon Tech Squadron, based at K-2

in the winter of 1950. See his story in our Recollections area.



5. Membership/ Sponsors



Consider supporting the mission of the Korean War Project by donations

in the form of Membership/Sponsorship


Visit our Membership page where you may select how to help out


On that page is a link to our PayPal account. You may choose online or

regular surface mail to support our efforts.


Our Pledge Drive is an ongoing process. Many of our previous donors no

longer can assist. We are recruiting from those who have not

participated, so if you can, jump on in, it will be appreciated.


The site is free for all to use and those who participate help to ensure

that we remain online whether the donation is $1.00 or more!


For those persons or groups who cannot participate, we certainly



Donations/Memberships are tax deductible, if you use long form IRS

reports. Our EIN: 75-2695041 501© (3)


Postal Address

Korean War Project

PO Box 180190

Dallas, TX 75218



6. New: Site Search Tool



This tool has been requested by all visitors since 1999. Older versions

were capable of being compromised by hackers, so we removed them from

the site. We are pleased to have this valuable tool. Thanks go to

Google for creating the tool.


Location: on our Main Splash Page on koreanwar.org, right under the

black and white "I Remember Korea" graphic is a graphic called "Search

by Google".


How to use: click the text link or Info link.


How to Search: type in your topic and click Search.


Tip: try using quote marks around your term to narrow results.


Navigating results: click the links to the pages offered.



7. Looking For | BBS | Remembrance



The message areas on our site continue to be busy with messages being

sent out via those sections on a daily basis.


Reunions continue to be posted but we would really appreciate all the

reunions for any unit of US or other NATO Allies to be posted.


Connections continue to be made from postings made at the beginning of

the life of the website in February of 1995.


We are receiving photographs for posting on our Remembrance section for

the killed and missing from Korea. New photos arrive almost daily.


Many thanks are extended to all who have participated in keeping the

lives of these men fresh in our memories.


Note: for those of you who have sent or tried to send messages in

response to a posting on the site but have "not" received an answer:


Feel free to send email to us as we may have street addresses or phone



Remember, the KWP had to cover up the details of our visitors locations

due to past abuses by abusive outside scam artists.



8. Military records New: War Diaries and Command Reports



The KWP is proud to announce the procurement of US Marine 1st Division

and 1st Air Wing Unit War Diaries and Command Summaries for 1950-53.

These are being prepared for internet use by our visitors. 800 files

are almost ready for use.


Other similar records for Army units like the 2nd Infantry Division,

24th, 25th and 7th Infantry Division are in various states of

acquisition. We are actually waiting to hear from the Defense Department

on a FOIA - Freedom of Information Request for the 24th, 25th and 7th




9. Maps on the Korean War Project



Please remember that we have a huge inventory of maps of the wartime

period, most have the actual grid coordinates so a person may plot a

location of interest. Hal reports over 800 maps now online!


DMZ era USFK veterans will also find those maps of great value.


Most of these maps have been placed on Google Earth where anyone may

zoom in and out to see the actual terrain. Your computer must have a

graphic card that will support Google Earth. So, if you are not able to

render the maps, the issue is most likely your computer.


Hal has plotted about 2500 individual unit and/or battle locations for

ground operations. His next phase is to mark Naval Fleet activity with

locations taken from the histories we have on hand.


Since last writing about maps in June of 2010, Naval/Marine Operations

have been added. More of these are underway.


Still on the drawing board are Air Force tactical missons.


Tip: copy any of the maps to your PC, take the file to your local copy

company and have them print out in large format.



10.New: 60th Anniversary Center at KWP Anniversary Center



This section is for all things related to news or information for our



Newspaper article links, Press Releases, blogs, social media to include

Twitter and Facebook.


This area complements our Reunions and Associations sections on the




11. POW/MIA Repatriations



There has been an increased number of remains identified at the lab in

Hawaii, JPAC-CIL. The KWP gets regular notice of family notification and

burial plans. Hal and Ted attended the Dallas funeral for Joseph Allen

Terrell at the DFW National Cemetery.


The Patriot Guard Riders provided escort along with a large contingent

of escorts from Fort Hood and a large Honor Guard Rifle Team as well as

casualty staff from Army Mortuary.


Joseph was a member of th 8th Cavalry Regiment, L Company. He was

declared Missing after the Unsan battle in North Korea,

during the first days of November, 1950.




Thanks to all who have made this newsletter and the website possible!


Donors: www.koreanwar.org/html/membership.html




Hal and Ted Barker

Marion J Chard
Proud Daughter of Walter (Monday) Poniedzialek
540th Engineer Combat Regiment, 2833rd Bn, H&S Co, 4th Platoon
There's "No Bridge Too Far"

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