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I just wanted to say hello and take a moment to introduce myself. I am the proud grand-daughter of both a Combat Engineer - Alfred J. LeBlanc (106th Infantry Division, 424th Infantry Regiment - 16th Engineer Battallion, Company C), and a Paratrooper - Harry J. Bennett (101st Airborne, 502nd Infantry Regiment). I just started to really look around to the whole site, and find out many resources available. I am in pursuit of any information of my grandfather Alfred J. LeBlanc - I currently have a posting in the " Search, Research, & Preservation" section, sub section - "Looking For...". He didn't talk often about being in the war, but the few stories were of the Battle of the Buldge. Another story (funny one), just remembering now, was of him driving the jeep with a buddy, they apparently had to pick up Gen. Patton, they were both yelled at by Gen Patton for not having their neckties (or something to that affect) correctly tied and placed. He always got a chuckle of that one, saying it was funny currently, but they were both humbled at the time. Anyway...This seems like a great website, with great members. Thanks Marion so far for the research suggestions. I am looking fowarded to chatting with other members, and to move foward in my research. Thanks.


Karrie :)


Hello Karrie, and welcome!




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Oh good Grief, that would be Patton alright. &*^% Ties.




Hey Karrie:


I see you're getting around the forum just fine. Glad you are sharing the info on grandpa Bennett too. Loved the Patton story. We have a few to share with you too. When you get a chance check out Bill Douglass' Patton story on the main site. It's one of the best.

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Welcome, Karrie, and greetings from Belgium.




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