National Air and Space Museum

Well I went on another TAD trip this week and sat through several days of ever-so-fun high level logistics talk. It was the Naval Logistics Integration conference that they have annually where folks from the USMC and USN get together and talk about the sharing of logistics systems, processes, assets, etc. in order to be more efficient and or cost effective. Fortunately for me, the conference ended at noon on Thursday so it gave me the ability to get to the NASM by Dulles. It is part of the Smithsonian institute and is the companion to the Air and Space Museum on the national mall. [if you have ever seen the second Transformers movie, it is where they found the SR-71 Decepticon turned good-guy Jetfire. If that makes no sense to you, never mind!] As always, I saw most of the museum through the screen on my cheap digital camera. Someday I hope to get a grown-up digital SLR, but until that day I am stuck with my cheapy and film shooting SLR (I did shoot some black and white, but there wasn’t a great deal of ambient light for decent contrast. Once again, if that makes no sense to you, sorry!) I shot more than 250 pictures (!) and posted most on my Picasa page. Here are some:



Halberstadt CL.IV



Dornier Do 335 A Pfeil



Hawker Hurricane



F4U-1D Coursair



Aichi M6A1 Seiran - This was the aircraft designed to be stowed in a aircraft carrying submarine to attack America. It didn't.


Of course this is the crown jewel of the WWII collection and needs no introduction. . .




The Space Shuttle Enterprise - if you will recall, this was the test craft not designed for space travel.



Behold the Glory of Jetfire!! (That's for those of you who have seen the Transformers movie.For those who haven't. . .)

SR-71A Blackbird


Well so happy to hear you were able to enjoy yourself too and do what you love; touring the great museums of the U.S.


Many great pics as usual and did check out the images on Picasa too.


While I love my Canon digital, would LOVE to have a digi-SLR in my collection to go along with the rest of my film cameras.


We speak da same language brother!

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