VI Corps Operations 19 December 1944

19 December 1944.


VI Corps units assualting the German West Wall continue to encounter fierce resistance all along the front.


The 103d Infantry Division, northwest of Wissembourg, is taking very heavy casualties, but making excellent progress in penetrating the formidable German defenses in its sector.


On the corps' left flank the 45th Infantry Division is making slow, but steady progress against the German fortifications.


The 14th Armored Division has been stopped cold in front of the extensive fortifications north of Wissembourg, and is reorganizing its units in order to concentrate more firepower against these defenses.


On the right flank all three regiments of the 79th Infantry Division are attacking into the area including the dense Bien Wald, and are encountering very heavy enemy resistance.


Poor flying weather limits XII Tactical Air Force to only 60 sorties against enemy strongpoints directly in front of VI Corps lines along the West Wall.


Seventh Army Operating Instruction Number 34 relieves the 48th Combat Engineer Battalion from its attachment to VI Corps and replaces it with the 540th Combat Engineer Regiment.



Nice to see a bit of history about "my boys", the 48th and the 540th. Thanks so much for posting this for everyone, including myself.
Marion J Chard
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Really good information! :armata_PDT_37:




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