Media distorts truth

Okay, I've waited long enough and it's time for the media to take a lashing from yours truly. After reading this, I truly hope I will open some eyes. Here's my beef.


Lately the news has been reporting about veteran's getting turned away from restaurants, etc., and just a few days ago, they told us about a woman being sent home Wal-Mart because of the shirt she wore on Veteran's Day in honor of her son.


Well enough is enough and my husband and I are both annoyed with how ALL these stories are being reported to the public.


First, the media is taking advantage of tugging at our heart strings, and yes; even Fox News is guilty of this!!! Just because it concerns veteran's, doesn't mean the people involved were right or justified in their actions. Case in point...


A group of very nice WWII vets went to a restaurant the other day and were turned away. Oh, bad, bad restaurant. NO they weren't. This was a posh establishment with a stringent dress code. The men were not dressed properly to enter and thus were turned away. But the media played it up and made it sound as though the proprietor was heartless didn't want to honor these veterans. The fact was, they were dressed in shorts and shirts, and that was the only reason.


Okay, the Wal-Mart employee. Once again she violated the dress code. That's all it was. The new media is trying to make Wal-Mart the bad guys. They aren't. Put your personal feelings aside and look at this objectively. I don't care that some of you don't like the store. I don't care that some of you won't shop there. That's your personal prerogative. Facts are facts and should remain that way. The woman knew the rules and she chose to break them. Period. There are many ways for her to honor her son, and this wasn't one of them.


So enough with all the bull and the whining. These aren't the only two stories floating around, but they are good examples of how the media distorts the truth.



Marion J Chard
Proud Daughter of Walter (Monday) Poniedzialek
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