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Combat Badge authorized for all

By Brian MacKeil

Times staff writer



In a reversal of plans, almost everyone who comes under hostile fire will be eligible to wear a new Combat Action Badge.

The Army announced today that in response to soldier comments from the field, the service has decided to expand the pool of eligibility to “justly recognize the actions of deserving soldiers in combat,†according to an Army press release.


The newly dubbed Combat Action Badge “may be awarded to any soldier — branch and military occupational specialty immaterial — performing assigned duties in an area where hostile fire pay and imminent danger pay is authorized, who is personally present and actively engaging or being engaged by the enemy.â€


Back in February, the Army unveiled plans to recognize combat beyond what the Combat Infantryman’s Badge already honored. And while the rules had yet to be finalized, it was clear that personnel outside combat arms MOSs were unlikely to be eligible.


Only enlisted soldiers of officers below colonel were to be eligible for the CCB if they “satisfactorily performed duty†while engaged in ground combat for any length of time with an infantry, Ranger or Special Forces unit no larger than a brigade or regiment.


“This is not for just coming under fire,†Lt. Gen. Franklin L. Hagenbeck, the Army’s chief of personnel, said in February. “This is for doing an infantry job and enduring the daily endeavors that come with that job.â€


But the new CAB is far less restrictive, and is open to most soldiers who are fired upon or who fire at an enemy, said. Col. Joe Curtin, an Army spokesman.


The CAB replaces the CCB, but leaves the rules intact for the Combat Infantryman’s Badge and the Combat Medical Badge, according to the release.


The CAB will be retroactive the beginning of the global war on terrorism. The effective date of the award is Sept. 18, 2001, said Maj. Elizabeth Robbins, Army spokesperson.


“It is going to be a huge morale booster for soldiers in theater,†said Curtin.




The CAB replaces the CCB

Interesting article. I'd like to hear more.

But I was confused by your use of CCB. I thought it was a typo and you meant CIB or the new CAB.

So, does this eliminate the CIB being awarded in the future? The infantryman always prized the CIB above any medal or any other honor. If they take that away and give out a general badge, that will take some pride away from being in the INFANTRY.


Hope to hear more about this.




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