Prosecuting aging Khymer Rouge stooges

I read a news story today about a "U.N. backed Tribunal" that plans on prosecuting 4 aging (in their 80's) members of the Khymer Rouge for the mass murders that occured in Cambodia between 1976 and 1979. Do you think these highly publisized, high cost proceedings are worth the cost? Whenever I see something with the title "U.N. backed" it usually means USA to foot the bill for everything, which always bothers me. In the past I have supported the prosecution of nazi war criminals regardless of their age, but I'm beginning to believe it would be more practical to just let the CIA or Simon Wiesanthal's organization bump them off quietly and without fanfare instead of going through the extradition fights and etc. that are always a part of these war criminal proceedings. I still think it is important for all of these war criminals to pay for their crimes, but when there is already evidence beyond a reasonable doubt of their guilt, then why spend money that could be better used to help the victims of natural disasters to recover? I would have been just as happy to see the American GI who discovered Saddam Hussein simply toss a grenade in that Spider hole and forget about him, but that's probably why I'm not in a position to make these calls! :rolleyes:


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