Already having a great day!

Well, the whole day was going very well. Just one of those days were things fall into place and the sun is shining and you are getting things accomplished. Didn't really need anything to top it off, but yet there was this letter and wow, did it ever put the frosting on my cake.


I guess I should tell you that a gentleman from the 3rd Infantry Division contacted me last week and wanted to inquire about the music on the site. Seems someone had sent him the link for my site and for all the wonderful WWII tunes. I wound up corresponding with him and he said he was having problems locating one of the compiliation CD called The Entertainers, that I had recommended. I told him, don't worry, I will make you CD's. Oh heck, it's for one of the great 3rd Inf Div.


Here is what he wrote today!


Dear Marion--


I was sitting here sending you an Email this morning, asking for help,

when I glanced out the window and saw the mail man pull up in front. I

went out to the box and there was something I've been trying to find for

several days! Almost like a miracle and also on my birthday! I'm

playing one of them now in my den. I will play them over and over and

bring back many pleasant memories. It's a good thing they are not on



Stay in touch and the best,


Frank and Mindy (my cat)



Hey Frank, Happy birthday dear fellow!


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Marion J Chard
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Wonderful day indeed. You do know you will be repaid someday for all the kindness you show Marion. Good on you! Hugs Cindy


Excellent post Marion! Great that you were able to help this gent out in such a direct way! And on his birthday as well!


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